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  • Welcome to GoToMySportsPhysical!

  • The first paperless online electronic Preparticipation Physical Evaluation (PPE) software.  
    Schools and camps need to know their athletes are healthy.  
    Athletes who want to compete need a Sports Physical (Preparticipation Physical Evaluation).  
    Physicians need to fill out Sports Physical exam forms for these athletes, to ensure their safety.  
    Schools, camps, athletes, and physicians can coordinate their efforts online with our Electronic Sports Physical software. securely organizes your Sports Physical forms electronically online.  
    No more printing, copying, faxing, filing, or scanning sports physical forms.  
    Choose official high school forms from 50 U.S. States, or choose our Universal Electronic Sports Physical form.  
    If you have your own Sports Physical form, we can convert it to manage as an Electronic Sports Physical on our website.  
    We do not rent, share, or sell any personal health information.  
  • Fill in your forms securely online.
    Submit electronically to your physician.
  • Review athlete's history forms online.
    Fill in physical forms online.
    Submit electronically
    to your athlete's school or camp.
  • Review your athlete's physicals online.
    Generate team rosters. Export to Excel!